Constitution Party Candidate – U.S. House, Investigative Reporter: Manley’s Expose Shocks Americans

TO: Bloggers,, and Independent Media

FM: The Office of Candidate: © Louis IV Manley, R.B.A.
Write In Lou Manley for U.S. House of Representatives, 1st District
C/O US Press Corp – USPS Chamber 536,
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia state                                          Date: 08 October 2012
FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE: Monday 08 October 2012
Columbus Day
Web page:

P R E S S         R E L E A S E

Constitution Party Candidate – U.S. House, Investigative Reporter: Manley’s Expose Shocks Americans
Home Owners, University College Students, Car, Truck, and Business Owners                                                                                                                                      Watching in horror, arrogant corruption caused this investigative reporter, on assignment, having his “1st. Amendment Trampled,”, as it was “the final straw,” says Manley, causing him to get in the fight for freedom and liberties lost.
Witnessing actionable violations, Manley, without much time decided to officially qualify to run for the position of U.S. House of Representatives, 1st Congressional District. As a write in candidate member of the West Virginia Constitution Party  © Louis IV Manley, R.B.A., is a strong advocate for constitutional government – standing on the1789 Constitution for the united States of America, Bill of Rights, individual liberty, he’s pro-business, entrepreneurial jobs, pro-life, pro-2nd. Amendment, balanced budget now+, and corruption abatement. Additionally, his scholarly research, for years, has included the study and implications of international finance and the law. Manley, says he can assert a strong case for lawful change; as ample evidence exists to prove, what he calls: “The Flaw” and he is proposing financial solutions to help bring freedom of recovery from this stagnant economy.
Helping alleviate the “economic-stranglehold’ upon us, “my vision has a brighter future with a silver* lining,” says Manley. “Just answering this one simple question with proper remedial action – can greatly improve our system and provide much needed relief for West Virginians and other Americans alike – all will rejoice”, says, Louie IV Liberty.™1 Question:   “Should the one who FUNDED the “bank” loan be the one who is REPAID the “Money?”

As honorable men and women, you’ll probably answer, “Of course, I should pay back the one who loaned me the “money.” “Right…?” Manley says, “What if… you found out YOU were deceived!” He goes on,”this is just the tip of the iceberg, however, the answer to “Clue #1” can be found here: (end of page 6, “Of course, they [banks] do NOT REALLY PAY OUT LOANS…” pg.,7., “…is to accept PROMISSORY NOTES in EXCHANGE for credits to the borrowers’ transaction accounts.” “See for yourself, the prime source, in their own words – not mine,” says Louie, “the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s publication ‘Modern Money Mechanics,‘”
“Was this disclosed to YOU? Probably not! Apparently the SWINDLE actually begins the moment the alleged “borrower” signs the promissory note, and in fact,
monetizing ones own loan instrument,” Manley reveals! “Therefore, he says, “we actually borrow OUR OWN good credit from OURSELVES! … W H A T?””Did you know,” he says, “if you have the typical “bank” type loan, whether it is for student higher education, so-called loans for your cars, trucks, boat, plane, many business type loans, so-called “bank” equity loans, and of course the alleged loans one would ‘get’ from the bank to buy your American dream home; we are all economically impacted by these ‘toxic docs!’  It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re presently one of the estimated 2-4+ million homeowners ‘underwater,’ all West Virginians and other Americans are either directly or indirectly impacted by “The Flaw,” as Manley calls it. “My plans’ silver* lining includes “open currency” options.” “Follow the international ‘money,’ Canada hosts ‘Restorative Justice’ Tribunal… implications come home, leaders to be held accountable:
He goes on to say, “Fixing The Flaw” could help lessen the ‘economic-enslavement’ many feel.” “Furthermore,” he says, “…speaking of iceberg’s, and thinking of a cold place, the “answer to “Clue #2” can be found here:    The centuries old country of Iceland is issuing international arrest warrants for the apprehension of individuals accused of mass economic corruption; success in months, not ‘umpteen years.” “Therefore,” he says, “Learning from the Icelandic Model, my plan includes a creative, aggressive, and multilayer phased in transition; implementing appropriate aspects needed for ‘corruption abatement’ in America.” “Why would anyone place what appears to be a 14.3 quadrillion lien on America?” Manley questions. “This was little known, until now!” he quips?” “See: Clue #3,’ a MUST READ,”     PLEASE VOTE WISELY, and help me to send this strong message to Washington, to help each and everyone of you here in West Virginia and indeed, all Americans.
I ask for your support, your prayers, and your vote: “write in Lou Manley for U.S. House of Representatives, 1st District.” Thank you, God bless, you and yours.
“Louie IV Liberty”™P.S. ” If you’re red blooded… and this has touched your spirit too, then please help me spread this – to the four winds… “beyond viral,” says Manley. P.S.S. As this press release goes ‘live,’ BREAKING NEWS: “Pat Caddel – Press Has Become ‘Enemy of the American People,’ 07 Oct 12, see:!
Cc: 100 “Free Press Club”™ websites (55 in-state, 47 sites in and out of uSA),,,,,,,,,,,
E-Action Alerts; *Silver Lining: ‘National Action Plan’ in subject line:
©2012, Louis IV Manley, R.B.A., All Rights Reserved, permission granted to reproduce this press release, as is, in its entirety, (of course, minor editorial,e.g.,spelling, punctuation, OK). Thanks. Paid for by the candidate.#             #           #

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