Universal Declaration: Stop Stealing Our Money, We Want Our Money Back

Universal Declaration: Stop Stealing Our Money, We Want Our Money Back

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31 October, 2012.

From: Preston Free Press by © Louis IV of Manley, R.B.A.


U.S. Press Corp, ©  PrestonFreePress.blogspot.com

Date: 31 October 2012 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Universal Declaration: Stop Stealing Our Money, We Want Our Money Back

    P u b l i c   N o t i c e:   P   e   t   i   t   i   o   n                    

We the undersigned are Freemen and Free-women on the soil. We seek equal rights and liberty, whether Tea Party Members, a Patriot, Libertarian, conservative, all clam to be freedom lovers, in solidarity. All are claim recognition of the Common Law, our 1789 Constitution of the united States of America, and inherent unalienable God given rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. In addition, declaring not to be “federal ’14th Amendment feudal citizens,” and we the people want our “money” back.

Therefore, perpetrators will be held accountable, including, but not limited to our elected/appointed servant employees, in both their personal/private capacity and their professional/servant-bonded-employment capacity. We seek accountability, where ever corruption occurs, e.g., violation of our 1st Amendment rights “freedom of the press and speech,”  are here exposed by Preston Free Press on YouTube. Also, where ever dishonor of oath(s) of office, unlawful act(s), the swindling of our “money,” whether single handedly or co-conspiratorially perpetrated – enough is enough. “We Want Our Money Back” says Richard Swecker. In this exclusive interview for PrestonFreePress(dot).blogspot.com/   Richard indicates that he is on the ballot as a candidate for Preston County Commissioner with the West Virginia Constitution Party.

Louis IV of Manley, R.B.A., a U.S. Press Corp correspondent reporting for “Preston Free Press”, explains. Mr. Swecker can be seen exposing the WEST VIRGINIA INC., Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, (CAFR1.com). This is the complete accountancy record of our surplus taxes, and their investments are stashed. These little known secret funds consist of billions of dollars. Created in the 1940′s, and reported for every state government . “This is where our mega “money” accounts have been secretly hidden – until now,” says Richard. Mr. Swecker, what do you think about this WV-CAFR realization? What would you do as a commissioner, with this evidence? “I think the evidence in the WV-CAFR is just another reason why I’m running for Preston County Commission. Many of the five hundred citizens who have signed the off-line protest petition, do not consent to violations, and further, agree, we want our money back. “This is likely where the accountability project can get most of it back from.” says Swecker.

Richard and Louis met while working on getting the word out to ‘we the people’ about a 16-19 million dollar government sewer project in Preston County where it appears numerous violations have occurred.’ Richard is the manager of a successful 500 signature petition drive of those who opposed the corrupt government/utility rate tactics and eminent domain land stealing process. More concerned citizens are signing this online petition.

To sign the petition, please click on link below. The goal is to get 1 Million signatures.


“When I first met Richard Swecker,” says Manley, “I immediately realized his sincere interest and concern for the public’s best interest, we definitely had some common ground there.”

Mr. Manley is with the Preston Free Press.™   The non-profit national/international news network consists of 173 Free Press™ member affiliates for syndication of little known, sometimes ‘blacked-out,’ and censored news. “Everyday more people realize that alternative news sources should be considered. They are a good choice for information with, generally, less corporate bias,” says Manley. The two have announced their affiliation with the Constitution Party, where Mr. Manley is a candidate for the U.S. House,1st Congressional district, West Virginia. They work to inform others about real issues that make a make a positive contribution.

For more information, please visit: www.cpwv.org/candidates/manley  BankTellerKatydid.wordpress.com

Related to our CAFR story about accountancy is this breaking news. A $43 Trillion Dollar RICO lawsuit has been announced and fully filed by the Spire Law Group, LLP, in the United States District Court in Brooklyn, New York, (Case No. 12-cv-04269-JBW-RML). According to the announcement by Spire, implications and accusations abound in the 912 page complaint. The suit, includes major banks and thousands of co-conspirators. Those implicated include bankers and high level government workers who have been fully served, both foreign and domestically, For more information, visit: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/major-banks-governmental-officials-and-their-comrade-capitalists-targets-of-spire-law-group-llps-racketeering-and-money-laundering-lawsuit-seeking-return-of-43-trillion-to-the-united-states-treasury-2012-10-25


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